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Illinois Voter Resources

For more information on Illinois elections visit the Illinois Voters Guide, or see the Illinois Board of Elections Website

More information by county below office and proposition listings.

  • By Office / Ballot Proposition

Illinois Governor

Pat Quinn (Democrat)

Bill Brady (Republican)

Rich Whitney (Green)

Lex Green (Libertarian)

Scott Lee Cohen (Independent)

U.S. Senator for Illinois

Alexander “Alexi” Giannoulias  (Democrat)

LeAlan M. Jones  (Green)

Mark Kirk  (Republican)

Mike Labno  (Libertarian)

  • Statewide Ballot Propositions

– Constitutional Amendment on Recall

Explained: “The Illinois Constitution provides the General Assembly with exclusive authority to remove a Governor through the impeachment process. The Illinois Constitution also provides that the order of succession to the office of Governor shall be the Lieutenant Governor, the elected Attorney General, the elected Secretary of State, and then as provided by law. The proposed amendment would provide the State’s electors with the ability to initiate a special election to recall a Governor and elect a new Governor.”

>More explanation

  • More Information By County

– Madison

– Monroe

– St. Clair

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