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Brady not conceding in tight Ill. Gov. race

November 3, 2010

Republican Bill Brady participates in a debate in 2009. (Photo by: Matt Ferguson via Flickr Creative Commons User weareillinois)

Bill Raack, St. Louis Public Radio

It will likely be a month before Illinois finds out who won Tuesday’s gubernatorial race.

At a press conference Wednesday morning in Bloomington, Republican candidate Bill Brady told reporters he’s waiting for all the ballots to be counted and certified by the State election board.

“The state board allows a minimum of 20 days for the local officials to certify and a minimum of 10 days for them to certify so realistically we think we’re looking at a 30 day process at a minimum,” Brady said,  “There is the complication of the military ballots and the federal investigation looking into that.”

There are a total of 16,500 military ballots that have not been counted, including just over 2,800 that went out late from 36 counties.

Brady currently trails incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn by about 8,300 votes. Brady would have to win more than half the military ballots to win the election, though some of those overseas ballots came in before the election and were counted election night.

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