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Two of three constitutional amendments on ballot affect taxes

October 25, 2010

Missouri State Representative Bob Nance, R-Excelsior Springs. (Photo: Missouri House of Representatives website)

Maria Altman, St. Louis Public Radio (2010-10-22)

Next month Missouri voters will be faced with a number of ballot questions, including three constitutional amendments.

Proposition A on the earnings tax has gotten the most attention, but two of three constitutional amendments on the ballot also deal with taxes.

Constitutional Amendment 2 asks whether former Prisoners of War disabled during their service should be exempt from property taxes.

State House member Bob Nance of Excelsior Springs co-sponsored the joint resolution to put the question on the ballot.

Nance also said that most of the people affected are likely WWII veterans and that there will only be a small number of people affected.

“Most of those individuals are probably from the second World War but we still have some from recent wars, but I believe we need to support them in all we can,” Nance said.

The state said that the cost to local government is likely to be minimal.

Constitutional Amendment 3 asks whether Missouri should prevent any real estate transfer tax from being imposed. Currently there is no such tax in the state.

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