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Listen: Full audio of first Missouri Senate debate

October 15, 2010

Listen to full audio of first Missouri Senate debate (courtesy KCUR, Kansas City Public Media)

Sylvia Maria Gross, KCUR / Maria Altman, St. Louis Public Radio (2010-10-14)
KANSAS CITY, MO. – Missouri Senate hopeful Robin Carnahan went on the attack in Thursday’s debate against front-runner Roy Blunt in Kansas City.

Congressman Blunt responded that she was twisting his record and not talking about the issues Missourians care most about.

Robin Carnahan, who’s currently Secretary of State, tried to paint Roy Blunt as a Washington insider, who’s been in Congress for 14 years.

“Think about what’s happened during that time,” Carnahan said, “Our economy got wrecked, Wall Street got bailed out, we got stuck with the bill.

Blunt said the Obama administration’s policies are creating an unstable climate for new jobs. And he said that Carnahan is not offering solutions.

“Our jobs plan is over 100 pages,” Blunt said, “Secretary Carnahan’s jobs plan is under 500 words. You could tweet her jobs plan in 4 tweets.”

The two candidates also sparred over health care, earmarks and the environment.

The pre-recorded televised debate aired  Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. in St. Louis on KETC Channel 9.


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