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Akin shares views on political polarization, health care

October 6, 2010


Rachel Lippmann, St. Louis Public Radio (2010-10-04)

ST. LOUIS  –  Congressman Todd Akin said that large Democratic majorities in Congress and a Democratic president are driving the polarization of American politics.

The congressman was a guest Monday on St. Louis on the Air.

The Missouri Republican called the almost universal Republican opposition to most major policy achievements unusual for American politics.

But Akin said that it’s a reaction to the policies supported by Democratic leadership and President Obama.

“It’s like an engine running without a governor,” Akin said. “If you want to pass a bill usually you’ve got talk some Democrats into it with you or some Republicans, in order to get the votes. That has not existed for 18 months and so you see extreme policies coming from the Democratic side and the independents and the Republicans reacting publicly,” he said.

The use of the term “socialism” to describe those policies is an “understatement,” according to Akin.

Akin also said that the US needs to create a greater marketplace for health care to prevent more people from losing insurance, and those who can’t get coverage should be cared for through charitable donations, as happened in the past.

“Tycoons that made a lot of money, they basically bought and built the hospital system in America originally, and so charity is a piece of it,” Akin said, “And today they’re still covered under charity but it’s being laundered through the government so it’s less efficient.”

Akin is seeking a sixth term in the US House of Representatives in November. He says he will continue to push to repeal the health care overhaul President Obama signed in March.


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